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   The Moroccan Collection

Morocco is a country that has always called to me, ever since I was little.  I had to pinch myself every moment of our 3 week trip.  From exploring the beautiful Medinas and Souks, to driving across the Northern Sahara, every day was stimulating both aesthetically and culturally.  The latest collection from Viajera Imports is just a small glimpse into my travels and time in Morocco.  I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I enjoyed picking them out while learning about the rich history of the Berber People.

Enjoy [La Viajera]

   Jessica Luckay Owner + Designer 

For Wholesale inquiries + Collaborations please visit:  https://www.faire.com/embed/bw_eamymsmjz4

Beni Ourain Rugs are laid out in Berber Villages before being transported to the Souks

Transporting Rugs by mule from remote Berber Villages to local Souks

Moroccan flat weave loom-how most rugs and woven textiles are made

   The Indian Collection

“Viajera,” meaning “Traveler” in Spanish, is the basis of my business, as well as my passion.  I work directly with artisans in India to design and manufacture each piece included in The India Collection. Rest assured that everyone involved in the process is treated fairly and these products are made with love. Each bag is handmade from Indian Dhurrie Rugs with hand block-printed, cotton lining and leather detail. Ethically-sourced labor and natural materials are always our top priority. I hope that by sharing these little tokens from my travels you are able to glimpse into the incredibly colorful country located on the other side of the world, India.

Enjoy [La Viajera]

   Jessica Luckay Owner + Designer 

For Wholesale inquiries + Collaborations please email us at: info@viajeradesign.com

with Driver + Friend Rahul

We are an ethically-sourced brand working with artisans around the world

 Viajera Imports gorgeous textile bags available for wholesale

The beautiful Lake Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan


One of the many gates leading into the Pink City of Jaipur

Hawa Mahal, Pink City

Helping to empower Indian Women
One of our manufacturers and good friend, Kiran
Each Dhurrie Bag is lined with hand block-printed organic cotton as seen in the image below, drying in the sun
Wooden blocks are stored for the perfect fabric and color combination

Each wood block print is hand carved

Each wood block print is hand carved

Even the most basic block print consists of at least four layered blocks

Hand block printing on organic cotton with vegetable dye

A final product, ready to be cut

All of the cotton threads are hand-dyed, spun, and woven to create each Dhurrie Rug

Each one of our Dhurrie Bags is first a handwoven rug

The Dhurrie Rugs are flat woven on giant hand looms

It takes a village...and lots of hard work

We strive to create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with each one of our artisans

India is such an inspiring country to work in!